On September 13, 1848 in Cavendish, Vermont Phineas Gage is a foreman for a railroad building job. He was filling a hole with gun powder with a tamping iron. One end is blunt one end is sharp and the other is blunt. He is using the blunt end he must have turned away because he struck some flint and ignited the gun powder and shot the spear up, the sharp end flew towards him. The sharp end went through his upper left cheek right under the bone and hit his frontal lob (part of the brain) and came out of his upper forehead and flew thirty feet away. The next moment he could walk and talk. The other workers where amazed. hey took him to the nearest doctor, but he wasn't there. So they had to take him to another doctor his name was Dr. Williams. His skull has cracked in the forehead section. The Doctor rapped him up with head bandages. Something that they didn't know was there was bacteria and that it was harmful. Phineas had bacteria all over his hole in his head. He recovered and lived another eleven years til his death in California.