#1)Line Up. It can test your skills with seeing. I think any grade can use it cause it isn't hard at all. You have to find things connected that are 3 or more and you have a sertain amount of taps.

#2)Water slide . You can be a male or female. There are 9 stages.
You have to watch out for crabs and devil ducks. If you get a crown you can not die (except for falling of the edge) if you hit the ducks you get points. Get a heart and you'll get a life also hit diamonds you'll get points too.

#3)Jelly car 2 . You have to finish corse that you pick. You can select a difficulty like long jump, easy, medium, or
hard and factory mode. Factory mode is were you have to match the shape into its bucket by moving things.

#4)Gold rush is a fun game, but sometimes it its hard to move your person. You need to collect gold sometimes your backpack gets to full.

#5)Civil war . It is like a game of hid and go seek. You have different stages, in order to complete a stage you must find everything.
on the last stage you can find a letter and decode it.

#6)Puzzle quiz. Is a game were you rebuild famous buildings. After you finish you have to guess what it is or were it is.

#7)pocket god. Pocket god is so fun. You can go to different islands one is ice burg one is haunted two are sandy islands one is a gorrila . You can levitate the people.On the haunted island your peeps can be ghost's and zombie's, if you put somebody on the spider web the tap the spider web a spider will rap him up, then tap him again and he'll disintegrate. Then a huge spider comes and you half to fight it, but don't let it eat you!!!!! On 1 of the sandy islands if you launch a person far enough he can hit the volcano, there's a statue. If
you tap the diamond 3 times your people will disintegrate.

#8)light bike. You are a car, you can choose the colors white, blue, red, and yellow. You have a line behind you and if another car hits it they will explode and lose and after they hit it their line will disappear.You can also hit your line. If you are the last car left you win.

#9)deal or no deal free. You are playing deal or no deal and you have 5 $1,000,000 in 5 boxes. There are 3 different games on it. I got the free version.