Carl Hiaasen
This book pulled me in from the beginning of the book.
A new kid on the block who moved from Montana is having some trouble in Florida. A construction crew is building a pancake house over some owls nesting grounds. Read along as the new boy tries to bust the construction manager.
Carl Hiaasen
A teacher at Truman Academy goes missing on a field trip in a swamp. Most students call her a witch.
Two students try to help save her, will they be able to save her.
Carl Hiaasen
A boy's father gets arrested for sinking a boat which belonged to a man who supposedly is dumping human waste into the water to save money. See if the boy with the help of others can bust the man.
Louis Sachar
A boy is accused of steal a pro baseball players sneakers. He has a decision jail or camp green lake. He chose camp green lake.
It turns out to be a rotten place because all you do is dig holes. See what will happen next, read the book.
Cynthia Lord
A girl lives with an autistic little brother. She has many friends but her best friend moved away and a new girl has come. The new girl has one flaw, she is friends with her worst enemy. The boy keeps messing and making fun of her brother. See what will happen read the book.
Hugo Cabret
Brain Selznick
I loved this book and it was a quick read with pictures and words.

A boy named Hugo lives in the train station. His father died in a fire and his uncle randomly died. He has a mechanical man that he is trying to fix so he steels from an old mans toy shop. See what will happen next, read the book.

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Blood on the River
Elisa Carbone
Samuel is caught stealing his dead mothers necklace. He lived on the street since his mother died. His result is he has to be sent on the trip to the 'New World'. He learns the ways of the natives and learns to survive. See what happens next, read the book.
Out Of My Mind
Sharon Draper
This is an amazing story. I stayed up very late and lost two hours of sleep