I went to Arizona for winter break and I said I would write about it. So here it is.

My family and I took a plane over to Texas, Dallas, Texas to be specific. It was about a 3 hour and 30 minute flight. Then we while we were at the airport we ate at T.G.I Friday's for dinner. I had chicken with french fries and for dessert we all had a brownie with fudge and ice cream. Then at about ten o'clock we got on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona witch the flight was about was about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Oh yeah and something funny happened, when I got out of the bathroom I was walking back to my spot and the ladies who push the cart for food and drinks were in the middle of aisle, so I couldn't get past. They said for me to go the back near the bathroom. So I sat there for an estimated 30 minutes and while I was sitting there I started to fall asleep. Then in the middle of my sleep the lady woke me up and said I could go back to my seat.

So anyway, when we landed in Arizona my aunt and uncle were there to pick us up. So when we got in the cars my uncle starts talking about this cop, who was a native American cop for some reservation, gave him a ticket and hears what the cop said " This ain't going on your record whitey." Another story that my uncle told was that one he was on the open road and no one was on it and he sped away then he slowed down and a guy drove past him at about 90 mph. Then two cops went by and he was like 'whew'.

When we got home it was about 10:00 in Arizona time in Virginia time it was about midnight. Arizona's time is 2 hours behind us in Virgina. We went to bed right away after we got home.

The next day I woke up at about 6:30 to 7:00a.m. We went to a park called tumble weed park after breakfast. We got there at about 9:00. My sister and I went on the playground that they had at the park. After that my uncle, my dad, and sister, and I threw a frisbe for about 30 minutes. The temperature was around 70 degrees outside. Yeah that warm in the winter.

I woke up to the noise of pans falling and banging together. I went to see and aunt was my uncle making eggs. The eggs were okay they weren't the best I'd ever had, but they were good.

I sort of forgot what we did after that. Ohh My uncle had a hot tub so at night and some of the day we bothered my uncle if we could go in the hot tub during the night. We didn't go in the hot tub until Christmas eve.

We had blueberry pancakes the next day. They were amazing and trust me my uncle makes the best pancakes. After that we went to some park that had a big sundial and we threw the Frisbee around.

I can't remember what happened then but I do remember some stuff on Christmas.

On Christmas eve we finally got in the hot tub and it was HOT as a volcano. I got out a few times and dipped my feet in the pool to cool me off.

I tried to fly a kite and failed tremendously.

I've forgot what we mostly did, but I remeber the fun. So to sum it up I flew home.

I enjoyed spending time with my aunt and uncle and hope to see them again.