Carl Frederikson is the main character of Up. At the beginning the movie introduces the other characters except for three other sub-main characters. . Carl (When he is young) is at the theater watching a clip. The clip shows a character that is later introduced his name is Charles Muntz. Then there is a part that is funny. Carl is pretending he is Muntz's blimp."He jumps the grand canyon(a crack) "he goes over Mt. Everest(a stump that he trys to jump over)but he hit his belly."He goes around Mt.Everest. Then he heard someone in a old house. He went in the house and he met his future wife. Her name is Ellie.Then it shows them getting married and them getting older and what happens at the end of that little thing Ellie dies. When Ellie was little and she met Carl she wanted to go to Parricide falls in South America (parricide falls is made up).

Later in the movie Carl meets Russell (a wilderness explorer) who have to come with him to S.A.(south america) Well.. he didn't really have to go with him. Carl told him to catch a 'Snipe' (he told him that so he would stop annoying him) and Russell ran under Carl's porch and when Carl took off Russell climbed up on to his deck. Then at one point Russell needs to go to the bathroom, so he gets a shovel to cover up his dodo. Then he finds tracks and they stop at one point and he took a bite of chocolate and he puts in behind his back and a giant birds beak takes a bite of his chocolate and that's how they met Kevin the giant bird. Then later they meet Doug, a dog, and he has a caller that translates what he says. Dug is so funny. If you buy UP after you watch the movie go to special features and go to Doug's special mission, it's so funny.

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