Leawood Middle School Kansas, USA
Peralta Trail Middle School England
Sussex Heights Primary School Australia

Those are the three classes that we will be Quadblogging with. There are four classes participating the other one is are school, here's a link=Crozet Elementary

Every week we will blog with one of these schools we started on Nov.7.

Here are some comments I said:

Evan, Blaine, and Tyler say:
We think that Quadblogging is cool and that we might learn new things. The two other places that we will be blogging with are England and Australia.

(Blaine's comment) Evan, Blaine, and Tyler say:
Our class has 16 kids in it. We all work really well together. We have wikis in our class. Here is a really cool one!
From Crozet Elementary School

(Tylers comment) Evan, Blaine, and Tyler says:
What is your school like? Do have a gym? Also what are you reading in your classes? What is the hardest subject in your school? Please reply.

This is my wikispace URL Tylercres

Evan, on November 18th, 2011 at 7:19 am Said:
I’m from Crozet Elementary School and I have a wikispace & a blog. Here are the links : wikispace- http://evancres.wikispaces.com/
and blog- http://kidblog.org/Crozet5thgrade/author/EvanS24/


Dear Evan,

We are Josh and Levi from Sussex Heights PS.
We’d like to ask you some questions.
Do you have a football team and what are they called.
Levi and Josh

Dear Josh and Levi
In Virginia we don’t have a football team, but the closet one is the Washington Redskins.

Dear 3/4 graders
I thought our school was small with 289, but now I see that we aren’t the smallest school. The other school in Crozet, Brownsville, is huge with 652 students.
From Evan

I’m Evan and most of our classrooms are square.