You live in Africa on the Savanna's. I ran away from the nest when I was born. That’s an instinct we ostriches have.

You eat small snakes, lizards, and insects (that are not so small). I also eat grass so I’m an omnivore.

You have camouflage to hide from predators. My mother killed a lion because it was trying to kill her when she was having eggs. My predators are lions, leopards, mountain lions,cheetahs, and humans.

Humans hunted us for our feathers. Our feathers are called plumes. We have black and white feathers. They were used for hats.

Our relatives are emus, of Australia and rheas of South America.

Our neck is about 4 feet tall. It would take a 5-foot tall man on a stepladder to look us in the eye. Ostrich babies are 1 foot tall. We grow 1 foot a year, we grow around 10 feet tall.

Female and babies feathers are camouflage. Males are not.


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