Grandpa’s Mountain

#1-What are the big ideas?

#2-How does Grandpa's Mountain connect with what we’re reading

#3-What do I find challenging about the events in the book

#4-How have our actions and attitudes changed as a result of reading the book

#1- the book is mostly showing that in the time when they were planning Skyline Drive that these people had to move, but some didn’t want to move from their houses and some people didn’t feel like putting up a fight. Also how they had to make Skyline Drive.

#2- well it only connects to one other book I’ve read and that book is Middle School the Worst Years Of My Life. The way Grandpa's Mountain and the other book connect ; In the other book he his doing whatever he wants (breaking all the rules) and he is doing what he wants to do and over using his freedom to do want he wants and in Grandpa's Mountain grandpa is using his rights to save his land from the government.

#3- I really don't want to be in Grandpa's situation having to try to fight and knowing that you might lose your land and that four generations of your family have lived in that house. I would hate having to lose my land. It's a law the government can take your land for anything it's called an Eminent Domain. Plus Your neighbors are starting not to like you.

#4- Well it made me think that the government is worse then they where worse then they were already were. It also makes me upset because the government can just take your house for whatever they don't even need to tell you what for. But they need to pay you money for your house. My actions haven't really changed.